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Webinar Host Renaud Anjoran

Host - Renaud Anjoran (CEO, Sofeast)

Certified Quality Engineer and Auditor who has been working in quality assurance and on efficiency projects in the Chinese manufacturing industry since 2005.
Has also founded or co-founded companies in the fields of consulting (factory operations improvement) and supplier qualification, contract manufacturing, QC inspection, project management, NPI, prototype development, and product engineering services.

Co-host - Paul Adams (Senior Engineer, Sofeast)

Senior engineer at Sofeast with 20+ years of experience in managing engineering departments, development teams and working with top-level management in a cross-functional team environment that has been located on a global basis. 
Areas of expertise include contract manufacturing, consumer electronics, plastic injection molding, die casting, and metal machining. 

What if you could transform your supply chain in China to reduce risks? This means gaining control over quality, on-time shipments, long-term pricing stability, and continuity of supply.

You can! Join Renaud and Paul from Sofeast, as they talk you through the secrets of a low-risk supply chain and what you need to do to transform yours!

The webinar is split into 8 sections each corresponding to an element of the low-risk supply chain. Here's what we'll be covering:

  1. Setting the right strategy - Explore the difference between renting & owning your supply chain, and the benefits that a deep understanding of your supply chain gives to importers.

  2. Supplier(s) selection and visibility - Who is in your supply chain, the trouble non-compliant suppliers & sub-suppliers can cause, and the right way to build and maintain your supply chain. 

  3. Why own the design & engineering work? - What is your supplier? Do you own the design and engineering work, or will this come back to bite you?

  4. How legally enforceable agreements can help - The types of legal agreements that will protect your business and IP when outsourcing to China.

  5. Setting the right expectations - Defining your standards with approved samples, QC checklist, setting KPIs, and more.

  6. Pre-Production Work - Important information about the pre-production phase, including tooling, work instructions, training, and pilot runs.

  7. Keep Reducing Production Risks - Why to use an FMEA to assess risks and what a process control plan is and its importance.

  8. Monitoring, Feedback, and Corrective Actions - Short term fixes to quality issues, and how to keep quality high in the long term.


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The Webinar is held at 9 AM and 6:30 PM

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Webinar FAQs

  • How long is the webinar? Around 36 minutes.
  • Can I download the Webinar slides? Yes. After you attend the Webinar, you will receive an email with a download link for the Webinar slides (PDF format) and other resources we mention, too.
  • Do I need special software to attend the Webinar? No. Just hit the link at the correct time & view it in your web browser.
  • Is it free to attend? Yes.
  • Do you send reminders before the Webinar starts? Yes, you will receive two reminder emails in good time before the Webinar starts.